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To Whom It May Concern:

I have a wide variety of skills and experience in Software Engineering, and I learn new ones at every available opportunity.

I am looking for a position primarily focused on software development and engineering. I currently work in multiple projects involving C#, Visual Basic, .NET, and C/C++. I have extensive professional experience with LAMP technologies (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), ColdFusion, and SQL Server. I am proficient with many other languages, including JavaScript, Java, Perl, and UNIX shell scripting.

I am very flexible. I can work independently, given clear expectations and appropriate tools. I also thrive in a team environment, and am familiar with Extreme Programming (XP) and Agile techniques. My skills are useful at every stage of the development process, including initial design, full implementation, bug tracking and resolution, and legacy code maintenance.

My solid background of fundamental methodologies allows me to learn and use nearly any tool or language quickly and effectively.

My skills are not limited to development. I also have experience in documentation, software testing, system maintenance and administration, project management, and IT management.

Feel free to contact me for further discussion, or to arrange an interview.


Edward A. Hennis


Documents available: